Age of Echoes - Into Eternity
Into Eternity By Age of Echoes Released on
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    Age of Echoes - Into Eternity

    An epic and uplifting soundscape, pausing on the threshold of this life and the next. At once a sentimental remembrance of a life left behind and an exciting, awe inspiring vision of what comes next on this eternal journey ! ….Step into Eternity….Step into the light !

    Andrew Kinsella & David Stanton are ‘Age Of Echoes’. They write atmospheric, New Age/chill-out music that is both relaxing and very creative. A unique imaginative sound that is steeped in mystique, combining hypnotic rhythm with haunting melody. They explore the many themes of spiritual life as Earth evolves towards it’s destiny. With tranquil soundscapes, and uplifting moods, their music is the perfect aid to relaxation. They have been creating music in this genre since the partnership was formed in 1996 receiving hundreds of thousands of plays and selling CDs to fans from all over the world.

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