Eimear McGeown - Inis (2018)
Inis By Eimear McGeown Released on
  • 4/5
  • Easy Listening, Orchestral
  • 15 tracks
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  • Irish
  • © Eimear McGeown

    Eimear McGeown – Inis (2018)

    Eimear McGeown - Inis (2018)

    خانم Eimear McGeown نوازنده فلوت و آهنگساز جوان ایرلندبست که اولین آلبوم رسمی خود با نام به من بگو (Inis) را به تازگی و ساعاتی پیش منتشر کرد.این آلبوم بی کلام شامل قطعات ارکسترال موسیقی با محوریت ساز فلوت است که در ژانر موسیقی سنتی ایرلندی، پاپ و کلاسیک ساخته شده است.در ادامه شماه همراه سانگ سرا میتوانید آلبوم بی کلام جدید  Inis از Eimear McGeown را با معرفی اختصاصی و برای اولین بار از سانگ سرا با کیفیت اورجینال دریافت نمایید.



    This album has been the culmination of a long journey for me with the seeds sown during a musical collaboration with my producer John Tonks ten years ago. We met whilst recording on a track for a Celtic Chillout American album, John suggested the idea of us working on a full album together and so the adventure began! From John’s collaborations with DJ Herman Cattaneo, Nenah Cherry and Alfie Bow and as a classical and Irish flautist, it was important to me to bring all influences to life on this album. I began by choosing traditional Irish pieces and exploring more classical arrangements before including a selection of my own compositions. The album also features our own arrangements of popular songs ‘Teardrop’ and ‘The Sound of Silence’. For the classical element of the album, I chose a piece originally composed for piano but took an Eastern European approach to the arrangement and I composed some variations from a really old melody from the 17th century called ‘La Folia’. The album reflects the musical journey I have taken between the two worlds and looks to bring them uniquely together. The title of the album ‘Inis’ means ‘Island’ in Irish and was the first piece I ever composed. When I wrote it, I was a little lost in life and felt a little isolated but I also realised we are all connected and always will be, a bit like islands with the water surrounding them, so that piece reflected this! I hope that you enjoy the album!

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