Edgar Muenala - Discography
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    Edgar Muenala – Discography

    Edgar Muenala - Discography

    ادگار میونالا (Edgar Muenala)، نوازنده فلوت و پن فلوت است که در شهر ونکوور کانادا زندگی میکند.موسیقی او برگرفته از موسیقی بومی آمریکا و یا همان موسیقی سرخپوستی است و رنگ و بویی از همان سبک در کنار سبک های نیوایج ، جهانی است.


    Edgar Muenala is a unique artist among his own generation, a composer, songwriter and a pan flute extraordinaire who combines ancient tunes with new age sensibility. Edgar relates to music much in the way of an ongoing journey, Edgar Muenala is an independent artist based in British Columbia, he has traveled across the world for the past 22 years sharing his music with all types of crowds. In February of 2010, he was featured at the stage of the Vancouver Winter Olympics Game in 2010.

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